Aucuba Coffee Roasters takes its name from one of the many legends of the discovery of coffee. 

Centuries ago in Ethiopia, there lived a goat herder named Kaldi. One day while out with his goats, Kaldi noticed that they had wandered away. He later found them eating red cherries from a bush and behaving very strangely. Kaldi was intrigued, and decided to try these cherries for himself. Soon, he too began dancing around like his goats!

A weary wise man named Aucuba, on his way to a monastery, soon crossed paths with Kaldi. Curious about the man and his dancing goats he also ate some cherries from the bush. Now wide-awake he resumed his travels taking some of the cherries with him.

At the monastery he mixed the berries with hot water, and gave the elixir to the monks who stayed awake all night to pray. It was a miracle!

Soon knowledge of this heavenly drink spread through the region, and so the story of coffee was born.